Starting up

A swimming pool is a fine thing to own. But the fun you have from it strongly depends on the water quality of the pool. Important for good water quality is a properly working filtration system and proper water treatment.
  • Remove the dirt (leaves and twigs) on the pool cover with the help of a scoop net. If there is a lot of water on the cover, pump it off before the cover is removed. Clean the cover with water and a soft brush. Let the cover dry and store it in a dry spot.
  • Clean the skimmers. Clear away coarse dirt in and around the pool.
  • If necessary, fill up the pool with clean water.
  • Check whether your equipment is in working order.
  • If the sides of the pool are dirty, they can be cleansed with Melpool GEL.
  • Turn on filter system and clean the sides of the pool and vacuum the bottom. If necessary, backwash filter and cleanse with Melpool DET.
  • Test water and if necessary, bring water into balance. If you do not bring the water into balance, you will probably get stains, moisture on and damage to your equipment.
  • Give the pool a shock treatment, then let the pump run at least 24 hours.
  • Dose Melpool QAC (prevents algae growth) according to instructions.
Know the volume of your pool!
You can, of course, only dose most Melpool products properly, if you know the
volume of your pool in cubic meters. 1 cubic meter equals 1000 litres of water.
 Below we allow you to calculate the volume of your pool. Enter the dimensions
of your pool in metres (for example eight metres and eighty centimetres as 8.8).
If your pool has different depths, enter the average depth. 

Testing of pool water
Now that you have calculated how much water your pool contains, you should
determine with how much of which melpool product you should treat the water.
That is not so hard. You only need a good testkit. Such testkits are available at
your Melpool dealer.

Dosing of products
Dose disinfection products preferably in the evening. The reason for this is that
even when using stabilised disinfectants, a part of the product gets lost due to
UV radiation from the sun. By dosing in the evening you can be sure that the
product is used as effectively as possible.
Handle Melpool products with care. Follow the instructions on the label.
Dose precisely!
Diameter: m Your pool has a capacity of:

Depth: m
Width: m Your pool has a capacity of:

Length: m
Depth: m
Greatest length: m Your pool has a capacity of:

Greatest width: m
Average depth: m

Calculate the volume of your pool

To calculate the volume of your pool, you must first choose the type of the pool. Make your choice below.

If you know the volume of your pool, use it to calculate the dosing. If not, use the tool above to calculate the volume of your pool.

Dose how much?
The labels of Melpool products state how much product should be dosed per unit of water. The amounts mentioned apply to average conditions. The consumption of products varies. The actual usage depends on various factors.