Cleaning of your pool

Waterline cleaners (GEL)

Despite the use of water treatment products, dirt deposits can often be formed. Especially on the walls just above and on the water surface. This can be caused by:

  • Organic pollution: often somewhat greasy deposits caused by for instance sunscreen, make-up, hair gel, skin oils, etc.
  • Inorganic pollution: often rough deposits, usually lime, but also deposits of dissolved metals such as rust

Important: Only use suitable cleaning agents for the cleaning of pool walls. Aggressive cleaning agents can quickly attack and damage the surface of the pool. Next to that, using the wrong cleaning products can negatively affect the water treatment.


Melpool has developed two special GEL cleaners for cleaning the walls. As soon as the cleaner comes into contact with water, it will become thicker and therefore it will stick to the wall. This gives the active ingredients time to loosen dirt and grime. After that, the GEL cleaner can easily be wiped off with a cloth. Any residues can be rinsed off with water and will have little or no influence on the water treatment. The cleaners are suitable for swimming pool liner, polyester, concrete and tile walls.

  • Melpool GEL-D: Detergent cleaner for removing organic deposits and pollution
  • Melpool GEL-A: Acid/sour anti-limescale cleaner for the removal of inorganic deposits

It regularly happens that dirt deposits are a combination of organic and inorganic pollution (limescale). In that case, first use GEL-D to remove the organic deposits. After that, the GEL-A can do its job much better and remove the limescale. This combination often works best.


Please note when cleaning the slatted cover: Polycarbonate is very sensitive to scratches. Please use the correct cleaner and a soft cloth for this.

Hard water

In case you suffer a lot from limescale, Melpool CAL can be a solution. Melpool CAL is a lime stabilizer that retains lime (and also metal) in dissolved form in the water.

Filter cleaner (DET)

Especially after the winter break, it is important to clean the filter properly. Sand filters can clot over time. The lime from the water binds the sand, creating so-called filter tunnels. The filter then loses its effectiveness. It is therefore advisable to clean the filter with Melpool DET once a year, before or after the winter break.

Cleaning agents

Acid Water Line Cleaner.

Removes and prevents lime scale deposits on the walls. Powerful against limescale, mild for sensitive surfaces. Special water line cleaner with gel properties. Adheres extra well to the wall. Suitable for any pool surface.

GEL Detergent Water Line Cleaner.

Removes and prevents greasy deposits on the walls. Can be used especially against the build-up of sunscreen, make-up and skin oils. Powerful against organic deposits, mild for sensitive surfaces. High-quality pool edge cleaner with gel properties. Adheres extra well to the wall. Suitable for any pool surface.

Filter cleaner for swimming pools.

Powerful cleaning agent for sand/glass media filters and filter cartridges. Ideal cleaning before the start of the season. Descales and cleans. Liquid and easy to dose.