About us

Melspring International B.V.

Melpool is a brand of Melspring International B.V. Melspring advises, develops and supplies water treatment products to realise clean, safe sanitary swimming water. Whether it concerns small pools, a luxurious whirlpool or an architectural swimming pool. Melspring offers a complete range of high-quality disinfection products, stabilizers, folucculants, anti-algae and cleaning products for swimming pools and spas. Melspring supplies the professional pool shops with the brand Melpool.

Our company

At the time of its foundation, Melspring started as a chemical importer and trading company. Over the years, the organisation has developed into an international market player with its own product development and a worldwide distribution network. With offices and production lines in The Netherlands, France, Spain and the Czech Republic, our Pool Care products find their way to end users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. Melspring is continuously developing product innovations  in order to ensure an optimal match between the products and the swimming pool user’s needs. In this perspective, product safety for the end user always comes first:

  • Strict selection on raw materials and suppliers
  • High-quality packaging materials (ADR, child-resistant closures, etc.)
  • Extensive technical documentation
  • Service backup from a professional Pool Care team
  • Information about the use of water treatment products

More info on www.melspring.com