Winter preparation

Prepare your pool for winter, in 5 steps

1. Test the water

Test the water and bring it back into balance, if necessary. If you do not bring the water into balance, you will probably get stains, scaling and damaged equipment. Clean the pool. Use Melpool GEL-A or Melpool GEL-D to cleanse the water line. Brush the sides of the pool, if necessary. Clean the skimmer baskets and also cleanse the front filter of the pump. Then vacuum.

2. Backwash filters

Backwash filter and clean with Melpool DET. After that dose Melpool CAL according to instructions.. Give the pool a shock treatment with Melpool 55/G, Melpool 63/G or Melpool 70/G, then let the pump run for at least 24 hours.

3. Prevent algae growth

Prevent algae growth in winter and dose Melpool QAC or Melpool WIC as directed.

4. Drain the pool

Partly let out the water until right below the injectors. Drain the equipment. Turn off the pump. Plastic items like skimmer baskets, prefilters, vacuum hoses and thermometers last longer if stored frost-proof. Cover the pool, so no pollution can enter.

5. Store pool chemicals

Store pool chemicals in a cold and dry place.


If the water temperature drops, the water can become unbalanced again. Check the waterbalance as soon as the water has reached a temperature of approximately 8 degrees Celsius. if necessary, balance the water.

Winter products