Starting up & dose

Make your pool 'ready for swimming' in 5 steps

1. Remove cover

Remove the dirt (leaves and twigs) on the pool cover with the help of a scoop net. If there is a lot of water on the cover, pump it off before the cover is removed. Clean the cover with water and a soft brush and if needed a cleaning product. Let the cover dry and store it in a dry spot.

2. Clean the skimmers

After that you clean the skimmers. Clear away coarse dirt in and around the pool. If the sides of the pool are dirty, they can be cleaned with Melpool Gel.

3. Check equipment

If necessary, fill up the pool with clean water. Check if your equipment (such as filter pump and sand filter) works properly.

4. Filter

Turn on filter system, clean the sides of the pool and vacuum the bottom. If necessary, backwash filter and cleanse with Melpool DET.

5. Test water balance

Test the pH value of the water and, if necessary, bring the water back into balance (see also the explanation of pH-waarde). If you do not bring the water into balance, you will probably get stains, moisture on and damage to your equipment. Only then give the bath a chlorine shock treatment using Melpool 55/G or Melpool 70/G. Then let the pump run at least 24 hours.

Calculate the volume of your pool

To be able to ensure good water treatment it’s important to know the volume of your pool in cubic meters. On the side we allow you to calculate the volume of your pool. If your pool has different depths, enter the average depth. 1 cubic meter equals 1,000 litres of water.

Testing of pool water

Now that you have calculated how much water your pool contains, you need to determine how much of which Melpool product you should dose. That’s not that hard. The only thing you need is a good test set to determine the baseline values. You can find and ask for such test sets at your Melpool dealer.

Calculate pool volume




Rond zwembad
Rechthoekig zwembad
Ovaal zwembad

Your pool has a capacity of:


0 liter

Dosing of products

Follow the instructions on the label:

  • Safety first: you use products that can react with each other. Never mix products, dose them after each other and always keep Melpool products out of reach of children.
  • Measuring is the key: before dosing, first measure the water values using a test set.
  • Correct pH value first, then dose disinfection, anti-algae or flocculants. Disinfection or anti-algae products or flocculants work best at a correct pH value (between 7.2 and 7.6). You can also read about it at the additional explanation about pH value.
  • Dose disinfection products preferably in the evening. The reason for this is that even when using stabilised disinfectants, a part of the product gets lost due to UV radiation from the sun. By dosing in the evening you can be sure that the product is used as effectively as possible. You can also read about it at the additional explanation about disinfection.

How much to dose

The labels of Melpool products state how much product should be dosed per unit of water. The amounts mentioned apply to average conditions. Dose precisely! Both with too much and too little dosing, the result of your action can turn out badly. Dosing amount is always related to the volume of your pool.

Startup products

Fast dissolving chlorine granules

Rapidly dissolving stabilized chlorine (min. 55% Cl.) in granulate form. For continuous disinfection in soft and hard water. Ideal for a chlorine shock and the start of the season. Stabilizer protects chlorine from UV radiation from the sun. Very effective against algae and organic deposits.

GEL Detergent Water Line Cleaner.

Removes and prevents greasy deposits on the walls. Can be used especially against the build-up of sunscreen, make-up and skin oils. Powerful against organic deposits, mild for sensitive surfaces. High-quality pool edge cleaner with gel properties. Adheres extra well to the wall. Suitable for any pool surface.

Filter cleaner for swimming pools.

Powerful cleaning agent for sand/glass media filters and filter cartridges. Ideal cleaning before the start of the season. Descales and cleans. Liquid and easy to dose.