Crystal clear and safe swimming pool water

Melpool offers you an extensive range of swimming pool water treatment products. This allows you to, in a simple way, keep your swimming pool water in good condition. Specific Melpool products are available for all common problems. Below you will find the complete product overview with a description of the application. Melpool products are authorised by the Dutch government to the extent necessary. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Chlorine granulate for disinfection and algae control.

Slow-dissolving stabilized disinfectant in granulate form. Ideal for local disinfection and cleaning of, for example, stairs and the bottom (of deep swimming pools). Granulate sinks to the bottom. The granulate will be active there. Watch out for bleach stains. Preventive effect against algae and organic dirt/load. Stabilizer protects chlorine against UV radiation from the sun. High stable chlorine content: Min. 90%. For application in soft and hard water.

Chlorine-free shock treatment granules for swimming pools.

Quick-dissolving oxidizer in granulate form. Alternative chlorine-free water treatment. Ideal for rapid oxidation shock and cleaning. Very effective against algae and organic deposits. For application in soft and hard water.